The “turd” is no more

Southport NC
Posted by Bill

Tropical storm Hermine passed right over us, brought a lot of rain, and we measured winds up to 40 knots. It was a couple of days of hunkering down in the boat, watching movies and stuff like that. I am glad we were in a marina, so we had shore power and a protected safe haven (no Southport pun intended…the movie Safe Haven was filmed here, and everyone uses it for commercial gain…lol). We had a really nice week of weather afterwards, did some more work on the boat, visited our secluded beach, and had a great party weekend over Labor Day.

Secluded beach with fellow D dock slip holders:

This week they demolished the “turd” of a house we bought. I have never watched a house being demolished and I was amazed at how accurate the guys were with the steam shovel. It looked like a hungry dinosaur as they picked apart the structure in sections. The cinder block and brick had to be kept separate because that rubble went to a different dump than the rest of it. Here are some pics of the process:







As of today, the building is gone and most of the trees and brush are gone. They will bring in some dirt to level out the lot, and we will be ready for the building process to begin. That won’t be until next spring, when we get back from the Bahamas. As soon as it stops raining (from approaching tropical storm Julia) I will take and post a pic of the empty lot.

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