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We have been sailing most of our adult lives and have succumbed to the addictive nature of being on the water.  After many years of sailing our boat in the Great Lakes and bareboat charters in the Caribbean, we have made it a goal to one day set sail for extended exploration of the US East Coast, Bahamas, and Caribbean Sea.

This web site was created to allow our friends and family to follow our journey and share in some of the experiences of our trip, many of whom are not familiar with sailing or seamanship.  We have attempted to create content that educates the non-sailor to the extent that they can relate to the lifestyle.  In addition, we have included information that would be beneficial to sailors and cruisers that may be interested in visiting the places we have been.  Hopefully we have accomplished both.

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5 thoughts on “About this site

  1. Harry

    Salutations bill from harry and KRINK. On the road returning from PA lake house where the huge bucksaw’d wood coffee table came from.
    Best regards and WHERE’S THE GOODIES!!!

    1. Tricia Wehmer

      Hey MaryJo, We will be back in Southport next Wednesday so hopefully we can meet up before we head back South for the Winter!!!


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