Monthly Archives: May 2014

Why did we save all of this crap?


Ok, so this is the year we kick off the cruising plan. All of the serious, major activity starts, and the high level plan looks like this: Sell our primary house and move to the lake house, then sell the lake house and move to the boat, then float on down the lake to someplace warm for the winter.

The good news is that the real estate market is heating up, especially in our neighborhood in Powell; and the properties near us at the lake are also getting snapped up. The first of the bad news was the weather. Winter was horrible and spring was wet and cold. All of the work that needed to be done outside was delayed by several months. Then we started getting the inside of the Powell house ready to show….that is the really bad news. We have lived there for 18 years and we have a SHITLOAD of CRAP!

It wasn’t crap to us when we bought it, and most of it is high quality. It cost us a lot of money in some cases but we are finding that it is crap. We don’t need it for where we are going and the best we can do is store it, sell it for pennies on the dollar, or donate it. Being the practical and frugal people we are, we are finding this to be very difficult to deal with, and we need to get over it – pronto – to get our plan moving!

We follow several blogs of cruising couples and families and have read the entries where they go through the same realization and frustration, but we didn’t realize how much work and anguish is involved until we started doing it. Needless to say we are working our asses off trying to de-clutter and de-crap, and make the house presentable. Hopefully we will have it listed in the next couple of weeks and we can turn our focus to the lake house and boat.

Anybody want to buy some crap?