Island Bound has been sold

Southport, NC
Posted by Bill

Well today we completed the sale of our beloved Island Bound. We are feeling very sad about it, but we know it was time to close our sailing adventures and move on to the next chapter. I have been sailing my entire adult life and it was always a real passion for me. I always dreamed of having a boat as fine as our Island Packet…she is a great boat and it has been an experience of a lifetime cruising on her. All that being said….this is hard to deal with.

The boat sold to a great couple that we have enjoyed getting to know, Wil and Tori, and we are excited for them. We are happy that people like them bought the boat and will care well for her. We will enjoy following their adventures!

A special shout out to our good friend Hayden Cochran for all of his help during the process.

Now we start the process of finding the next boat…this one without a mast.

5 thoughts on “Island Bound has been sold

    1. bwehmer Post author

      Great to hear from you!!! I hope all is well. Please let us know if you ever get close to Southport NC! Hey to Joe too

  1. Diane

    You guys put your heart and soul into that boat and have great memories but the future is bright too. Looking forward to your next adventure! Congrats.
    PS you can currently boat in the downtown streets of St.A


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