About the boat

So many people ask for more information about the boat, so here is a brief rundown:

Model: IP40
Builder: Island Packet Yachts
Length Overall: 41′ 6″
Beam (width): 12′ 11″
Draft (depth): 4′ 8″
Mast Heigth: 53′ 8″ above the water line
Displacement: 22,800 lbs.
Sail Area: 907 sq. ft.
Auxiliary Power: 50 HP inboard diesel
Water Capacity: 170 gallons
Fuel Capacity: 90 gallons
Year Built: 1995

Island Packet builds a very solid, blue water capable boat. The IP40 has a full keel and a heavy displacement, which makes for a comparatively stable and smooth ride at sea.

The boat is cutter rigged, which means it has a smaller “stay sail” between the main sail (attached to the mast) and the genoa (front sail). The cutter rig gives you lots of options about which sails to have up and how much of the sail to let out, and helps to accommodate a wide variety of wind conditions. We also have an asymmetrical spinnaker (very large front sail) that is used in lighter wind conditions.

IP40 Interior Layout

You can see the internal layout of the boat in the picture above. It has 2 master cabins, 2 heads (bathrooms) with showers, and a galley (kitchen) with stove, microwave and refrigerator. The saloon (living room area) can be configured to sleep 2 people on a double bed and one along the port (left side of boat) settee (seating bench). A table folds down to service people on both sides of the saloon and there is a place to store bottles and glasses behind the table when it is stowed. We call this our “bar”!

Island Packets are known for their ample storage and it is a well earned reputation. The interior is well trimmed with teak and the fit and finish is superior.

We have lots of electronic gear including stereo, VHF marine radio, chart plotter (nautical mapping with GPS), radar, autopilot (to steer the boat for us), wind instruments, depth instrument, and speed instruments. There is also a power managment system that keeps you informed about battery status, and makes sure the batteries are properly charged when under power (using the engine) or plugged into power at the dock. We also have 2 flat panel TVs with the ability to use a cable hookup or a digital antennae.

There is excellent access to the engine and all things associated with it (a major benefit, as there will be lots of time spent working in this area!).

There are also 2 air conditioning units that can be used when plugged into shore power at the dock. In addition, there are 12V fans located throughout the cabin to keep air moving, 13 opening ports with screens, seven deck hatches with screens, and 4 dorade deck ventilators to provide excellent ventilation.

We have 2 anchors in rollers at the bow and an anchor windlass to raise and lower the anchors and their 300′ feet of chain.

There is a set of davits (steel arms for raising and lowering the dinghy) attached to the stern (back of the boat). When cruising, the dinghy is in essence “the car”, and davits keep the dinghy up out of the water when underway.

Island Packet makes a very nice boat. It is very livable and much like an efficiency apartment.

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