The tropics are getting really active

Southport NC
Posted by Bill

We always watch the weather like a hawk. Weather is the single biggest factor that affects life on a boat. Tropical developments, i.e. tropical depressions, tropical storms, hurricanes, are obviously very problematic and we pay very close attention to those. The latest attention getters have been Tropical Storm Julia, and Tropical Storm Karl. Julia dumped rain on us all day on Friday and then meandered off the coast of South Carolina. The weather has been beautiful this weekend, but it is looking like Julia is finally moving, and eyeing North Carolina. td-julia
It is forecast to stay a tropical depression, so winds will stay under 40 knots…fingers crossed.

Karl is forecast to become a Hurricane this week and take a turn to the north, passing close to Bermuda.
If this holds true, it will pass well offshore of us…again…fingers crossed.

We will stay here in the protection of Southport Marina until November first, when hurricane season officially ends, and then see how the tropics are behaving before we leave to head south. The only schedule we have for our trip south this winter is dock reservations at Key West from December 15 to January 15th. We had to put a significant down payment that is non-refundable to get those reservations, so we will do our best to get there. Other than that…we go as the weather lets us.

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