Into the Sea of Abaco

Lynyard Cay, Abacos, Bahamas
Position: 26 21.739N, 76 59.188W
Posted by Bill

We departed at dawn (again…ugh), motored around the bottom of Great Abaco Island, up the east coast, in the Little Harbour Inlet, and anchored on the west side of Lynyard Cay. At the bottom of Great Abaco is a lighthouse and rock formations called “Hole in the Wall”:

It was very picturesque. Apparently, the light house is now used by a whale watching organization, as there are a lot of whales that transit this area. We didn’t see any, which is good and bad. It would have been pretty cool, but they can sink a boat in no time. As we approached our inlet to the Sea of Abaco, the winds started to build along with the seas. The deep Atlantic Ocean meets the shallow Sea of Abaco at these Abaco inlets and the sea state can get really nasty in a hurry. We had a strong cross current and some decent rollers, but made it through without incident. Good thing too…there are reefs and rocks on both sides of the inlet that are just a few feet under water. We are happy to be in the Sea of Abaco, done with our ocean passages until we head home.

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