Little Harbour

Little Harbour, Abacos, Bahamas
Position: 26 19.624N, 76 59.949W
Posted by Bill

We motored 2.4 nautical miles today to Little Harbour. The harbor entrance is as shallow as 3 feet at low tide, so we needed every bit of high tide to get our 5.5 foot draft through into the harbor. We left around 8 to use the 8:35 high tide and motored in. It is a small harbor that was settled by a Smith College professor named Randolph Johnston. He was also a sculptor who wanted to spend more time on his sculpting, so he left Massachusetts for the Bahamas in 1951, and in 1952 sailed into the harbor, fell in love with it and moved in to a cave there for some time with his family. They eventually built a house and a foundry for his sculptures. His son Pete has taken over the foundry and put an open air bar on one of the beaches, called Pete’s Pub. There is only room for 12-15 boats and it is very protected in the harbor. Pics:
We found a great little patch of reef just outside the harbor entrance and did some snorkeling. Great coral, sponges and fish…complete with a 5’ shark. Also, there were dozens of sea turtles! It was very cool. After that, we hit Pete’s Pub for some rum drinks and came back later at dinner time for some more. Great stop!

Pete’s Pub:
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The ocean view from Pete’s:
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