Wrapping up our stay at Vero Beach

Vero Beach FL, ICW
Posted by Bill

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. As predicted, we ended up going to the cruisers potluck. They shut down the laundry room and laid out all of the food on the washers and dryers.
Christmas Potluck 1
We all brought our own plates and utensils and what ever we wanted to drink. Then people went through the line and moved out to the picnic tables.
Christmas Potluck 2
The food was really good and we got to meet some more people, including a couple that had an Island Packet 44 which is a little bigger than ours. They had a cute dog that looked like Fozzie Bear, and that dog can navigate her way around the boat like no other that we have seen. We had also admired their solar panels, so Forest and Susan invited us over for a look at how they were installed. It was very helpful and we got to know them a little better. We really liked them and hope to see them again. Forest gave me a boat card and said…”we have a house on the water in Rode Island…you are welcome to dock behind us and use our laundry and car…anytime”. Another example of the bond in the cruising community. It is just amazing. They have sailed all over the Caribbean…and Forest is 75 years old, but you would never know it.

Today, we took the bus and had lunch, then bought some more liquor. Then I changed the oil in the big boat. We were going to do laundry but settled on cocktails for the sunset, even though it was cloudy! Tomorrow we leave…but it is tough. Vero is a very easy place to hang out. We will definitely be back.

Here are a few shots of the beach area.
Vero Beach Misc 2
Vero Beach Misc 1

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