Merry Christmas!!!

Vero Beach FL
Posted by Bill and Tricia

This has been a very strange Christmas for us as we broke all of our traditions of so many years. It is also a time that always involved family, and the fact that we are missing that makes us sad. On the positive side, it was 87 degrees and mostly sunny here today. We took a walk on the beach and went to a local seafood market and bought fresh shrimp and hogfish (man, do I love fresh hogfish) for dinner tonight. It is green and bright. We are expecting a cold day tomorrow as a front in moving in tonight…the high tomorrow will get all the way down into the 70s. Tomorrow is a pot luck that most of the cruisers are attending, so we will go to that and then have a nice Christmas dinner on the boat.

So to all of our friends, family and blog followers…have a Merry Christmas!!!

Harbor Cheer

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