Manatee Siting

Vero Beach FL, ICW
Posted by Bill

I forgot to mention in my last post that we saw a Manatee for the first time.

We were at the dinghy dock getting ready to go back to the boat and we saw this thing floating by that looked like a radio beacon or something.
At first I thought it was a lost EPIRB (read an earlier post if you don’t know what that is…search people). Strange, but it was moving against the wind and current, so we got in the dinghy and tried to get closer. It was then that we could see that it was a Manatee with a radio beacon tag. It swam around the lagoon by the dinghy dock all day and then finally we saw it moving back toward the ICW in a later trip ashore. Pretty cool.

2 thoughts on “Manatee Siting

  1. Steve Reinhard

    That reminds me of the movie Jaws. I would stay away from any manatees that you see with 3 yellow barrels! 😉


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