Bridges and Canals and Locks….Oh my!

Buffalo, NY: Latitude/Longitude 42 56.2N, 78 54.4W
Posted by Bill

Beautiful motor sail to Buffalo today. It took around 4 and 1/2 hours to sail from Dunkirk and it was a day of firsts. First place to sail into with a city skyline…
DSC_0189 cmp

First passage under a lift bridge (I wasn’t sure it was high enough)…

…and swing bridge

First passage through a lock (pretty uneventful)…

We docked at Rich Marine and will have them take our mast down tomorrow so we can go through the Erie Canal. Sad to see these towns in western New York as they are having troubles in today’s economy. Not good to see them struggle. As we talked to locals we came to feel their plight as manufacturing and jobs in general have left the area for overseas competition.

Sorry for the late posts but every day has been full of activity and work and I have not been able to keep up! It should slow down from here on out so I can keep you up to date!

3 thoughts on “Bridges and Canals and Locks….Oh my!

  1. Harry

    Wonderful to see you two on your way! Exciting stuff, except for the bugs….. Were going to be in NYC 9/26-10/1. Are you headed that way?

    1. bwehmer Post author

      We might be there then. Hoping to be in Baltimore by 10/6. Will depend on weather and how fast we get through the canal. Will have to keep closely in touch.


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