Two new Ass Captain award recipients

Posted by Bill

Those who follow the blog regularly know of the Ass Captain awards. Inspired by Ass Clown in the movie Office Space, the Ass Captain is an award that goes to boaters doing stupid shit. Here are the latest two…

Award one goes to the 50 some foot trawler that anchored on top of our buddy boat, Island Bound, in Big Majors Spot. They put out about 30 feet of scope when they should have put out at least 60, and then proceeded to drift over Mark and Jan’s anchor. When Mark and Jan went to pull anchor when we left, they had to literally get under the back end of the trawler to retrieve the anchor. Their boat name had Idaho in it, and we affectionately called them Mr Potato Head due to their stupid antics while they were anchored near us.

Award number two goes to a 50 something foot sport fishing boat that was going south near us as we went north to Ship Channel Cay. The guy actually swerved towards us to get closer so that his six foot wake could have maximum impact when it rolled our boat. I wouldn’t even give him the satisfaction of knowing it bothered us by calling him out on the radio. What a jerk!

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