Did this guy gamble and lose

Catawba Island, OH, Lake Erie
Posted by Bill

Well, we are wrapping up our time here at the lake house. The weather has been really nice compared to the heat and humidity we are used to down south. We have been busy getting the yard and house in shape, and have decided to keep it another year, unless someone makes us an offer on Zillow.

We have been getting together with friends on a regular basis and made a couple of trips to Put in Bay in the process, and it has been really nice catching up with everyone.

The other day we were taking the recycling to the collection bins (we are recycling fanatics!), and we saw this guy in front of us:
Gambled and lost
Of course my warped mind focuses immediately on the stain on the back of his pants. The question is…did he gamble and lose, or did he just sit on a Clark bar? Leave a comment and tell me what you think…lol!

As I have commented before, we have enjoyed having a real bathroom to our selves and a real kitchen, and especially a car; but we are getting anxious to get back to the boat…especially with a few weather systems brewing in the tropics.

One other thought…I saw this picture and thought it might be a good idea for a dinghy! It might not hang well on the davits though.

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