I know….I know….what the hell have we been doing?!

Southport NC
Posted by Bill

Some people are asking “are you done blogging?”. No, not really, there just hasn’t been anything of general interest to report on. We have been here in Southport since the end of May and will be here until the end of October, and we have settled into a routine of living in one place for an extended period of time. It has been pretty consistent with what we have been blogging about up until this post with the following exceptions:

We have had several family members visit the area and stay at the beach. We are within an hours drive of all of the beaches that are popular vacation spots in North Carolina and to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, so we have been able to have visits with people that are vacationing. Tricia’s parents, 2 of her sisters, and one brother-in-law, came and stayed for a week at Oak Island. It is only 8 miles from the marina, so we stayed at their beach house almost all week.
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The next week we were visited by her brother and family while they were staying at Topsail Island. They came down for the day and we took them to several restaurants, did some fishing, and took rides in the dinghy.

It was great to see everyone! If you are vacationing nearby and want to visit, please do!! We don’t have a car, so you will have to come here.

Our friends Mark and Jane, whom we met in Marathon in the Florida Keys, sold there boat and are building a house here in Southport. They also decided to reopen the Southport Inn, which is a small bed and breakfast in the middle of town.
We helped them do some painting. If you need a place to stay here in town, it is an affordable alternative to hotels and is a nice place.

On top of that, we have been looking at a lot of properties here in town, both lots and homes. We think Southport would be a great place to have a “home base” while we travel, and a good alternative to settle down later. We just haven’t found the right place.

We are planning to make a trip back to Ohio in August and then back here in September to get the boat ready to move south again. The warm winter weather and beautiful water in the Bahamas is calling already!!
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Now I just need to get the air conditioners to remove the condensation water consistently before we leave the boat for an extended period!

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