Crossing to Bimini

Bimini, Bahamas – Blue Water Marina
Position: 25 43.492N, 079 17.865W
Posted by Bill

We have been so active that I just haven’t had time to do the blog…sorry folks. We made the 52 NM crossing, leaving Miami at 7:30 AM, and arriving at Bimini around 5:30 PM. I will be a few days, but I will compose more detailed posts and post more pictures, I promise. We crossed with 3 other boats: Matt and Shirley on Sofia Jeanne, Kurt and Sharon on Byrd Ketcher, and Mark and Jan on Island Bound (yes another Island Bound…quite confusing over radio conversations…lol). The weather was great and the seas were calm and it was a good crossing. The water here is unbelievable. As clear as a swimming pool. Here are a few pics:

The color of the ocean in the middle of the Gulf Stream (over 2000 feet deep):
Tricia, Shirley and Grady on Radio Beach:
The live aquarium at our dock:

I’ll post more as soon as I can. We are leaving today to anchor off of Cat Cay and will cross the Bimini Banks to the Berry Islands the next day. We will be in some remote areas without internet access so there won’t be much activity on the blog over the next few days unless I can find some. Stay tuned…we are having a good time and the pictures are coming out pretty good.

Also, the best way to communicate with us is FaceBook messenger (when we have access).

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