Solomons pub crawl

Solomons Island, MD; Chesapeake Bay
Position: 38 19.751N, 76 27.456W
Posted by Bill

We finally made it to Solomons Island. We wanted to get here to wait out the weather that we got over the last 3 days but we couldn’t make it before dark, but we are here now. It is really a cool place. There are 3 creeks that comprise the area and there are tons of boats and marinas. We arrived mid-afternoon and did some exploring, including a good ol’ fashioned pub crawl. Made us think about the friends we did the pub crawls with in Columbus. Everything here is in walking distance, so we don’t have to worry about driving, which is good. We started at Solomons Pier, went to The Light House, then The Tiki Bar and ended the crawl at Charles Street Brasserie. It was fun! We might have to stay another day. The weather was really nice today and we got to wear shorts again…of great importance to me…lol.

Solomons has an interesting history which you can check out at:

The passage today was once again into the wind. When the tide was opposing the wind, the waves became steep and of short period, much like Lake Erie, and it was a little rough for some of the passage. The bay opens up and is very wide in this section and it reminded me very much of Lake Erie. The sun came out in the afternoon and it became very nice. I was glad we diverted to Deale and waited out the heavy winds. It would have been a really rough passage if we had not made the call to divert. The Patuxant River, which is the tributary that Solomons is on, is very beautiful and picturesque. When we come back next summer, we will explore further up the river.

Close to Solomons, there is a section of the bay that has these really high cliffs:

We also passed this big terminal for oil and fuel handling with big tanker ships.

Then past Cove Point Light:

The view coming in to harbor:

Misc pictures of Solomons Island:

Zahniser’s Marina, where we docked:

Tricia, with Island Bound:

The view from Solomon’s Pier dock bar:

The Tiki Bar:

If we don’t stay here another day, we will be off to Reedville, VA. Today was fun, so we might just stay another day!

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