Exploring Portsmouth – Day 2

Portsmouth, VA
Posted by Bill

The weather continued to dish out excessive winds so we decided to stay another day. We walked around Portsmouth checking out the historic Olde Towne area. Many of the homes date back to the 17 and 1800s. It was pretty cool. Several homes were actually something other than a house when they were built…like a tavern, hospital, military HQ, etc… We are not normally history buffs, but we did a walking tour and checked out area. There were also several really beautiful churches. Pics of the Olde Towne area:

Here is a picture of High Street where most of the restaurants, art galleries and museums are. It reminded us of St Petersburgh, FL:

We walked down to the other main marina in Portsmouth and had a drink at thier restaurant. While walking the docks we saw some of the boats that had decorated for Halloween:

Then there was a lightship that was made into a museum. We didn’t know this, but before there were lighted buoys and fixed navigational aids on the water, ships called light ships were anchored in the key navigational areas to guide mariners. They were manned by a person for months at a time…I can’t imagine having that job! This is the light ship Portsmouth:

Here is the ferry that took us over to Norfolk yesterday:

We really had fun in Portsmouth and Norfolk and it was nice that you could stay in one place and visit 2 major port cities. If you ever go to Portsmouth you need to check out Gosport Tavern. We ate there twice and it was totally awesome both times!

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