Another ass kicking on the bay

Jackson Creek – Deltaville, VA, Chesapeake Bay
Position: 37 32.701N, 76 20.083W
Posted by Bill

We headed out early for Hampton/Norfolk VA, but after a couple of hours we hit 20+ knots wind on the nose, and a really nasty sea state. We were once again bashing into the weather and it wasn’t fun. We have gotten smarter so we diverted to the west and into the Piankatank River on the south side of Deltaville VA. We anchored in Jackson Creek in a protected anchorage. I did some boat maintenance while Tricia worked. The latest boat casualty is the inverter that provides our AC power from the batteries…bummer. Don’t have a clue why, but it is not working. Not sure if the battery charging function is still ok or not until we get to a marina. Fingers crossed.

Tricia cooked another great dinner and we will move toward Portsmouth, VA tomorrow. Still killing fruit flys!!!

The anchorage in Jackson Creek:

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