What an ass…..

Fairport, NY; Position: 43 06.1N 77 26.5W
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We awoke to sunshine (yea!) but temps in the low 40s (booo!). I thought we were trying to escape this crap! We departed Brockport and motored to Fairport. It warmed up in the afternoon and the trip was delightful. The canal is very scenic along this stretch, especially after passing the Genesee River around Rochester. We navigated through 2 locks today with a flotilla of idiots. There were these rental boats, a group of about 4 of them, and many of them were clueless. As we entered the locks they moved out of position and almost ran me up on shore. Once in the locks, the one behind us had some lady holding a line around the lock cable at the bow. Every 30 seconds she yelled “BOW!” I finally looked back to see what her deal was and realized the bow was drifting away from the wall and she wanted the helmsmen to goose the bow thruster to re-position the bow. I’m thinking “what?!”, you are holding a line wrapped around the lock wire, in a boat that is less than 1/3 the weight of ours…just pull the bow in with the line that’s in your hand! Idiot! That’s what we are doing, with just 2 people and a heavy as hell boat. So I blasted past them out of the lock to get away. Morons and my boat don’t mix!

Weirder yet…one of the clueless boats radios me and says he has a friend that has an Island Packet like ours with the same boat name, and asks, “did you buy your boat from Doug Jackson?”. I say “why yes”. Turns out the guy is from Powell, Ohio and knows the guy we bought the boat from. Idiot!

Part of the flotilla of idiots:
DSC_0107 cmp

We were trying to make Newark, NY today but after distance calculations and the experience of missing the bridge in Rockport, we opted to make a short day and check out Fairport. It is a pretty cool little town. We have been pushing ourselves hard and decided to spend a little time at port. Wouldn’t you know it…the flotilla of idiots ended up docking across the canal from us. So now we get to navigate with them tomorrow too…can’t wait.

While walking around Fairport, we saw Sal again. She must be following us. What an ass…
DSC_0104 cmp

We saw the USS Voodoo at the dock today. Another WTF moment. Not sure if this is a cruise boat or someone that doesn’t get many passengers, but I still like it.
DSC_0102 cmp
DSC_0103 cmp

Fairport at the canal. See Island Bound almost to the end on the left.
DSC_0099 cmp

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