St Augustine and into Cocoa

Cocoa Village Marina
Cocoa FL
Position 28 21.468N, 080 43.545W
Posted by Bill

On the 17th, we rolled into St Augustine and took a mooring ball in the north field at position 29 53.700N, 081 18.553W. Thankfully, the winds died down below 15 knots and temps were in the low 80s…yay!!! We came into town on the day that the Christmas lights are first turned on and the downtown was packed with people and festivities. We had a great view of the lights along the waterfront from our boat:
The next day we went to the grocery to get food for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a 2 mile walk, but a few of the group Ubered back with the big items. On the 19th we ended up anchoring just south of the Memorial Bridge in Daytona at position 29 12.467N, 081 00.402W.

On the 20th we anchored in the Titusville South-3 anchorage at position 28 37.166N, 080 47.675W. It was supposed to be calm but the wind blew up to 20 knots again. At least it has been warmer. We all took food over to Kurt and Sharon’s boat and had a feast. It was a good time. Here is Island Bound in front of a beautiful sunrise this morning:
We tried to get into several different marinas to spend Thanksgiving, but the only one that had openings for us was Cocoa Village Marina. That made it a short day today which was good. Once again, winds were supposed to be light, but it blew up to 20 knots again! I am damned tired of dealing with the weather already and we have been gone less than a month! This is a nice marina, and we are set up to have Thanksgiving here, cooking on our boats. At least it is warm and sunny!!

We have been putting in long days and leaving early most of the way, and we are worn out. Gonna sleep in tomorrow!! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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