Fernandina Beach to Beaufort, SC

Beaufort, SC
Position: 32 25.822N, 080 40.618W
Posted by Bill

We left St Augustine and made it to Fernandina Beach without issue, grabbed a mooring ball and hit happy hour at The Crab Trap, and a burger at Tastys…yum. The next day we took on fuel and water, and left at 12:30, going out the St Mary’s inlet to the Atlantic Ocean. There is a really cool fort on the inlet:
There was a ton of shrimping boats just out the inlet. We sailed overnight to Port Royal Sound and up the river to Beaufort SC. We had some really good sailing for the first 8 hours, but the wind died and the sea state started slamming us from the side (beam seas). The waves were only about 3-4 feet, but the direction was horrible. When our boat is not under sail it is really really rolly in beam seas, and it was like getting slammed with boat wakes for 12 hours, not fun at all. We had to dodge many big ships coming into and out of the Savanah River just before dawn, and then hit the inlet to the sound just as the sun came up and the tide changed, in our favor. Total of 20 hours underway. We grabbed a mooring in Beaufort and had a late breakfast at Blackstones, one of our go-to places here, then collapsed and took a much needed power nap. Later we had dinner at the Old Bull Tavern, where they have good food and fantastic cocktails. We enjoyed several! Today was laundry day and tomorrow we head out for Charleston. We are planning to be in Charleston from Saturday to Tuesday, then the final 2-3 day leg to Southport…home!

Sunset on the Atlantic:

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