Hangin’ out in Spanish Wells

Spanish Wells, Eleuthera, Bahamas
Posted by Bill

A lot of people ask “what do you do all day?” A typical day involves managing the batteries, charging. Just like a house, you have to do dishes, clean and tidy the place. Then there is the boat projects. Just the other day, while charging the batteries with the generator, the charging voltage stopped. The generator was chugging along fine, but there was no current going in to the batteries all of the sudden. Troubleshooting let me to find that the main battery cable that goes to the charger/inverter had a bad crimp on one end, resulting in a bad connection. The connection had gotten so hot due to the bad connection, that it was melting the cover of the fuse block it was connected to! Not good…and a sure fire hazard. I had a spare and swapped it out. It was an unplanned project that took 4 hours or so from start to finish. That is the kind of stuff that happens. Mark has also been making water with his water maker the last couple of days, and when he does, I usually spend a few hours shuttling jugs of water with the dinghy. Just another day in the life.

Like most places in the Bahamas, there are great beaches here, so we did some wallowing yesterday. I worked on perfecting my rum punch recipe and we headed over to the beach with the other Island Bound and the people on the boat next to them, Bob and Margaret, on trawler – Beyond the Sea. They are from Buffalo NY, and we all went to dinner at Budda’s after the wallowing session. We always see lots of sea life and today was no different. Turtles, lots of star fish and sea stars like this one:
The beach:

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