St Augustine 2015

St Augustine FL, ICW, Hidden Harbor Marina
Position:29 53.352N, 081 19.308W
Posted by Bill

We left the Fort George river anchorage at dawn:

We moved on to St Augustine, transiting up the San Sebastian river to Hidden Harbor Marina. They only have 2 transient slips, but it is close to the city, and they have really clean facilities. We tried to get into River View Marina, where we docked last spring, but they were booked. We took showers and walked into town to the best happy hour in St Augustine…go figure! After dinner and drinks, we milled around the shops and came back to the boat. I am still recovering from busting ass down the waterway, and the lack of sleep from the restless nights.

We started seeing the signature opulence that is the Florida ICW:

Here is a cool view coming into the inlet at St Augustine:

Along the way, we saw this really nice house boat, a 1940 Trumpy 80′ boat. It was really nice. John and Mary Ann, if you are following the blog…here is a sanding project for you…lol:

St Augustine is a pretty cool city and will allow us to enjoy some R&R while we wait out the impending weather system. To see more from our visits here check out these links:
St Augustine contender for tourist trap of the year

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