Moon River…wider than a mile…NOT

12/11/15 Breakfast Creek, Georgia ICW
Position 31 56.195N, 80 40.673W
Posted by Bill

We left Beaufort/Port Royal at 6:35 and made it through the first set of Georgia shoal areas with no issue…thank goodness! Here is what we saw along the way…

Sunrise on the Beaufort River:

Some pelicans hanging out on a river buoy:

A shrimping boat heading out for a day’s work:

The Harbor Town light house at Hilton Head…I just can’t take enough pictures of this:

Some cool boats like this one:

Rescue squad at Dufauski Island. They were all over this tug boat trying to get someone off of the boat. I hope it ended up well:

Close to the end of the day we passed Moon River, the inspiration for the song made famous in 1961 in the movie, Breakfast At Tiffany’s. I remember the Andy Williams version that my Mom had the album for…pretty much dates my ass. Part of the lyrics are “wider than a mile”, but it isn’t. It might be a half mile at most, but more like a quarter mile. Replace that for the last sentence in the lyrics…it’s a hoot. Here is what it looks like:

It was a LOOOONGGGGG day. We got the anchor down in one of our favorite anchorages in Georgia, Breakfast Creek:

We are here with one other boat and it is as peaceful as it gets! This is what I love about cruising. We watched the sun set and schools of dolphins feeding in the anchorage. Cocktails of course!

Tomorrow we are going to try to make the other 2 major shoal areas of Georgia in 1 day. Wish us luck!!

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