Teak work, teak work, teak work…and some other stuff

Southport NC
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We are 1 week from departure and have been working hard to get the final work done on the boat. We were taking advantage of a week of wonderful weather conditions and finishing the teak. Once we finished sanding and stripping the wood, we used a two part teak cleaner called Snappy Teak. One part brings up the dirt, and the second part neutralizes the first part while brightening the wood. Here is a sample of sanded and clean, ready for stain.

Here is the first coat going on:

We are doing three coats of Sikkens Cetol Maine – Natural, and two coats of Sikkens Cetol Marine – Gloss. I’ll post some pics of the finished product in a few days. The third coat is almost done of the Natural, but we’ll have to wait through a few days of rain to put the Gloss on.

Kurt and Sharon from Byrd Ketcher rolled into town on Wednesday, and we have been having fun at night reuniting, which means even more partying than we normally do (which I didn’t think was possible). Over the next two rainy days we will go to Wilmington to provision, then get dinghy fuel, then pump out the holding tank, and we should be ready to rock. We also have the Stead Bonnet race this Saturday, so I imagine we will leave Monday. The weather looks like it will be cooperating.

Yesterday, Kurt, Matt and I went oyster hunting. We borrowed our dock neighbors skiff and went down the waterway about an hour, up a river to an oyster bed. We picked enough oysters and clams to fill a cooler and had a great feast last night. Plenty more for today as well.

Also yesterday, our dock neighbors (John and Mary Ann), and our other D dock friends Tony, Priscilla, and their daughter Tommi, went fishing and caught three wahoo and a dolphin fish. Everyone was excited. Tonight we will have oysters and fresh fish!!

Today is overcast and blowing like stink (sailors term for windy as shit). The wind is somewhat welcome as the no-see-ums have been absolutely horrible this last week due to the calm winds and cooler temps.

Stay tuned…as we get moving, I’ll keep the blog updated more frequently.

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