Back to the real world again, and a trip up north

We finally got off our butts and made the decision to go north to Ohio. It was pretty much a last minute decision and we rented a car for 3 weeks, leaving on the 6th. If you follow the blog you know how I feel about coming back into the “real world”. Crazy pace, crazy people…where the hell is everyone going so fast to? It used to be a normal everyday thing that we were a part of without any thought to the contrary, but now I just hate it.

We survived a 12 hour drive and stopped at our friends, Kurt and Sharon (from Byrd Ketcher), northern base camp along the Ohio River in Kentucky. We traveled the Bahamas with them and Sofia Jeanne, and then came back up to Southport where they rented a car and drove north to this spot for the summer. Here they have some property on a small lake off of the Ohio River, with a dock, a pole barn and a small building they call the Crab Shack. They live on a 60 something foot boat tied to the dock and have set the Crab Shack up to be a great guest quarters with a full bath, bed, and small kitchen set up. It is perfect for guests!

Crab Shack:


We did some catching up, had a great dinner in town, and of course did some partying while we watched the Republican candidate debate. The next day we took a ride on their pontoon boat, took their 4-wheeler on a ride through the logging trails nearby, and then had a major party until 3 AM outside the crab shack with their friends Jack and Laurie. A good time was had by all!

Pontoon ride:

On the Ohio River:

The 4-wheeler:

Next is a drive to Columbus for a few days, and then up to our house at Lake Erie. We still have that place and we need to decide if we are going to keep it or get it ready to sell.

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