Chastown…one of our favorites in the USA

Charleston SC, Charleston Maritime Center
Position:32 47.344N, 79 55.459W
Posted by Bill

2 days ago we had a short day and moved to the Charleston Maritime Center in downtown Charleston.
Docked at CMC 2015
Photo courtesy of Kurt Byrd.

We stayed here last fall and really liked it. The location is superb. Close to a grocery, liquor store, hardware store, and all the restaurants and bars that are popular in downtown. Over the last 2 days we hit many of our favorites including, Pearlz, Henry’s rooftop bar, The Gin Joint, and many other places we checked out for the first time. We tried to hook up with our friends that live on Isle of Palms, but we didn’t have the liberty of time on our side and Terry had a bad back injury, so we missed them….booooo. We hit the grocery and had a great time with our buddy boats downtown.

Today we left at 7 AM and caught the first bridge opening at Sullivan’s Island at 9. It also aligned with high tide, which was necessary because of the shoaling in the Isle of Palms Channel. (This trip planning is a big puzzle that needs to be worked out every day!) We did good until we hit Mc Clellanville where the shoaling was really bad. As we approached the worst area we saw a sailboat aground:
As we got closer, a power boat came up and said there was only 2 feet of water across the entire river where the sailboat was. We were skeptical and pushed on, and we found 5 feet of water to make our way through. There was still another foot and 1/4 of tide to go down. This part of the ICW is a mess!!! Another near miss with the shoals of the ICW.

Along the way we saw a dead deer floating in the water being feasted upon by a buzzard:
Somehow I just had to post it! lol.

After 12 1/2 hours of motoring, we made it to Georgetown SC to anchor for the night. Once again I am exhausted. I told Tricia that I have mixed feelings…it will be good to get to Southport in a few days and spend some time in one place…resting up…but I am afraid I will get bored being in one place for too long. We shall see. The beauty of our lifestyle is that we can pick up and move in a days notice!

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