Our car got a flat

Deale, MD; Chespeake Bay
Position: 38 46.30N, 76 33.81W
Posted by Bill

Well the weather followed through according to forecast today and the wind kicked up pretty good. It looks like the forecast further south is even worse, so we are going to sit it out here until Thursday.

Herrington Harbour North is a really nice marina. The grounds are really well kept and the showers and restrooms are nice as well. Showers and rest rooms are important in this life style. These are the nicest we have had so far other than our home marina on Catawba. Here are some pictures of the grounds around the marina. This is typical of what it is like throughout all of the docking areas.

Even the boat yard was impressive. The yard storage locations were numbered and each one had electricity and water connections. I’ve never seen that before!

Besides the wind, today was a really nice day, and we got to wear shorts. We walked to a place in Deale for lunch, stopped by the hardware store to pick up some stuff, stopped by West Marine to be disappointed that once again, they don’t have what we need. Then we launched the dinghy (which we call our car) to go across the creek to go to dinner. To me, this is great fun…taking a boat to dinner. We ordered a beer and dinner and sat on the dock by the water. As we are sitting there, I notice that the dinghy is dented in, which is not a normal state for an inflatable boat. It was not like this on the way over to dinner. One side of the dinghy is losing air and is going flat! Oh crap!!! I jump in the dink (short for dinghy), and cross back over to our boat to get the pump that is used to pump it up. I notice that the valve cover for that side of the dink is loose, probably caused by bumping it while tying up at the dinner spot. Thank goodness. I had bad visions of a punctured dink and having to deal with fixing it, not to mention, how in the hell do we get back home!!?? So far it looks like it was just the valve and our car is functional again.

One thought on “Our car got a flat

  1. Jules Westerman

    OMG! Thank God it was only the valve! I thought maybe someone hit it and then I thought oh wait, this is an inflatable!

    The pictures and stories are amazing!
    An adventure of a lifetime!
    Jules Westerman


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