The first move is complete


So our house in Powell has sold and we moved to our house at Lake Erie. We lived in that house for 18 years and we really liked the neighbors, the community, the Columbus area and the house. We are relieved to have made it through the process because it really sucked – mostly because we totally underestimated the effort involved in moving, and also underestimated the amount of stuff that we had stored in the house. The last 2 weeks just about killed us, especially yesterday when we actually moved. We started the day around 8 AM and worked non-stop until we left the house at 10:20 PM, then drove 2 hours to the lake. The 12:30 AM martinis tasted really good!

Now our lake house is crammed with stuff from the other house in addition to all of the boat stuff that has been waiting for the right moment to move aboard.

We will be glad to only have 1 house to maintain, but the whole event was very sad for us. Good-byes to our neighbors, Columbus friends, and especially our kids and grandkids, were very difficult emotionally. There is definitely some second guessing going on…”Is this really the right thing to do?” Our Wednesday night drinking club (WWHWC – Wednesday Watering Hole Wanderers Club) is ending it’s 7th year of meeting every Wednesday. Tricia and I are founding members and the core group of founding members are regular attenders. Some days we have only core members show up and other days we have 20 or so. We will miss them like family. We were sad that they are going to meet only monthly because of us leaving. We will be visiting back in town on a somewhat regular basis, but it is still sad. The neighbors threw a fun party for us a week ago which had me wishing we had done that more often.

Now the focus is towards the boat and the first leg of our journey. I sit and stare at the chaos inside the lake house and wonder how the hell we are going to disposition all of it, load it on the boat, and prep the house for winter before it is too late to depart through the Erie Canal. Good thing we have a plan B.

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